by Mary Jerika P. Ong

I was a CYA participant way back in college. I’ve attended CLP / CGS — with complete attendance even, and so the happenings in Lingkod are not that new to me. For quite some time, nag backslide ako sa CYA, using my studies as an excuse. I was not that committed to the Lord.

The invitation from my former AGL in CYA to attend a CLP entitled Build to Last (BTL) in 2010, triggered the restart of my new life. The start of getting to know and having a personal relationship with the Lord, being served and the ability to serve, receiving blessings and being a blessing to others.

“Lord, Thank you for being the Architect of my Life! For designing my Life at its best!! :)”

That was how I thanked the Lord in one of our OPM Worships. I am really overwhelmed by the Lord’s works! A few weeks before Lent, I kept on hearing a voice in my head saying I should check out the website of Robinson’s Land for job opportunities. For days, I didn’t take it seriously. Who would?! Iniisip ko pa nun guni guni ko lang yun. J  But the thought didn’t escape me and so I checked it out. Lo and behold, they were looking for a Civil Engineer! So, I made a draft of my resume (the Jobstreet’s Resume — fill in the blanks style). I was not quite decided still. However, on May 12 the HR of Robinson’s Land texted me for an interview and exam.

The following day, I went to their office and took the exams. I was also interviewed by a number of their high-ranking officials. On May 18, I was sent back for an interview with the President of the company. On the same day, I filled out company forms and was given the list that I need to comply before I am taken in as an employee. They told me as well that they are willing to wait until I am completely resigned from my then employer which they know would take about a month. Furthermore, I received very good news that the position they’re offering me is for a regular status employee, meaning I would be getting benefits which I could share with my mom.

It was God! It was God who kept on “annoying” me until I got to my feet and checked the site. It was God all along guiding me and pushing me to where I should go. Despite not being radical for Him at all times and making excuses not be ready for His plans, there was God all along keeping an eye on me, taking me always into consideration, putting me always on His list, getting me fit for His plans and planning my future…planning my life!!

Whenever I think of it, my heart really feels overwhelmed, loved and taken cared of!

If I am still the old me, I would have aggressively claimed all the glory. I would have thought, “Ang galing ko talaga, naisip ko un, at nalampasan ko ung interview ng walang hirap. Swerte!”

But, it’s just not luck…it’s a blessing! After hearing different kinds of talks from BTL, CGS, RLTC and even the ones during prayer meetings, I realized that there are so many things the Lord is telling me. But all these are geared towards guiding me to His plans for me. I’ve learned to do things in the name of the Lord, to offer everything to him. I believe it is the Holy Spirit who told me about the job opportunity at Robinson’s Land. And through prayers, especially by my prayer warriors in Lingkod, I got the job. By believing in Him, everything will just fall into place.

I will Praise God when I win!!
I will Praise God when I lose!!

(from the movie Facing the Giants)

I thank Him for the things that I have and even the things that I don’t. Truly, His plans would always bring a more beautiful life. Ika-nga, a mother may know best, but God the Father knows the bestest! J

I really have a loving Father, Strong Refuge, and a Marvelous God!!